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Realesing Stored Anger in Childhood & Connecting with your Higher Self or Healthy Adult Meditation

(ABAJO ESPAÑOL)  I want to share with you two things:   A session I did with a client for her to release her stored anger.   A meditation to connect with your Higher Self or Healthy Adult with music by Ferpal, a musician from the community I live in. How anger builds up in childhood One of the energies that children growing up in a repressive and/or abusive environment store is anger. When the child her/himself or a family member is the object of injustice or abuse of any kind, their natural reaction will be to feel anger amongst other emotions like fear, helplessness, hatred, etc. Children have an innate sense of what is right or wrong. Situations that repeat such as unfulfilled promises, comparisons with other kids, rejection, false accusations, physical or emotional abuse, create deep anger in the child and the need to express it. Parents tend to cut off this impulse in violent ways at times, shaming the child and teaching them that expressing anger is inappropriate.  Anger, like al

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